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Casino Card Games

Casino Card Games – Different Card Games in the Casino

Casino card games have a long history of existence. By far Blackjack is considered one of the most popular card games. Whenever we think of Casino, fancy slot machines and clinging of the token occupy our minds, but various other games are played in a casino. Though some of the games have fallen out other games like Blackjack continue to dominate casinos. These games are not just fun but form an important component of the card games, where players trust their calculations and expertise to leave the table with a smile on their faces.


The rules of this game are simple. You try to reach 21, not more than that or you beat your dealer but not exceeding the natural. Each player is dealt with two cards, but the dealer is dealt with two cards, one faces up and another face down. It is then required and decides on the part of the player whether he wants to stand pat, draw another card, split, double or surrender.This game continues to remain the top choice in a Casino.

Oasis Poker:

Oasis Poker

After placing an Ante, the dealer distributes five cards to you and him. All of your cards are face up and dealers are face down except for one card that’s face up. The player wins if his combination turns out to be better than that of the house. You can change your cards if you don’t have a combination, but changing cards matter in different situations. E.g If you need one card to complete a flush, you can change your card.


Roulette is a game of rough calculations and a bit of luck. You have to guess where the ball will land after spinning on a table that has 0-36 numbers. You can guess about its color also. Roulette is what you observe soon after you walk into a casino.

3-card poker:

3-card poker:

In 3 cards poker, you usually place your bet on the Ante and the play, after that you are allowed to look at your cards and see if you want to fold or play further. Dealer and the player both get three cards, but for the dealer to qualify for the game, the dealer must have the Queen high or better among three cards. Whoever gets the higher poker hand wins.

Three card brag:

It’s the same game as 3 card poker, where you place your bet on the Ante. You can either fold or further play according to your situation. It’s believed to have been originated in the 16th century and is one of the earliest poker games. The cards are usually shuffled at the start or after a winning hand.

Crap game:



Though the game may look very complicated its very simple. Everyone on the table gets to roll the dice to the opposite end of the table if they want to. The initial roll is known as come-out roll and if you roll 7 or 11, the bet is won, but if you roll 2,3,12, it’s called crapping out and the bet is lost, but you get to roll again. The game is playing standing up with two dices and the players bet their money against the house based on the outcome of the two dices or a series of rolls of these dices. The game is usually played by one or more than one player.


Karnofel is considered the oldest card game originating in 15th century in Europe, there are other card games like Spanish 21, Baccarat, PaiGow poker, Caribbean stud poker, that just add up to a long list of the entertaining card games at a casino. The casino is not all about slot machines, no matter we may be distracted by the clinging of the machines, there is a lot more in Casino. Cards have been an important component of the Casinos and over the years the games have just begun to gain momentum. Blackjack is considered one of the most popular card games played inside the house, however, others should never be forgotten. The diversity of card games inside a Casino can never qualify for a boring experience and if you like to learn new things, card games are a way to go.

PaiGow Poker

The Basics of How to Play PaiGow Poker

PaiGow Poker is one of the popular card games in the world right now. It’s played on a table of six with a 52 deck card along with Joker. Each player has to beat the banker or the player acting as the dealer. Unlike other card games, PaiGow Poker is a new game having originated in 1985 by Sam Torosian who owned Bell card club from California. The joker acts as a wild card and can be used as an ace or in case of a straight flush. In the game, players are given seven cards and to beat the dealer, they have to split the cards into two hands, by forming a 5 card poker hand in one hand and 2 card poker in another. The cards are to be arranged in such a way that his 5 cards are higher than his 2 card hand.


After the bet has been placed on the table, the cards are distributed and cards are arranged in a way that your 5-card hand is higher than your 2 card hand. The cards are then to be placed on the table face down.

Dealers turn:


After the player has placed his cards on the table face down, the dealers then reveal the cards and make his best match out of them. To see if there is a winner, the dealer compares his cards with that of the player.To win, your two-card hand and five-card hand should beat the dealer’s hand. In case, your only one hand is higher, it’s considered a draw and if both dealer and the player have the same hand, the dealer is announced a winner.

Poker hands:

10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit is termed as a royal flush while as straight flush is five sequential cards from the same suit, four Aces are known as Four of a Kind, a full house comprises of a pair and three of a kind, any five cards from the suit is called a flush, a straight is five orderly cards from any suit, two pairs or a pair, a High card is an Ace. The joker acts as a wild card and can take the place of an Ace or complete any flush.


The game differs from place to place. PaiGow mania allows the two bets, Fortune PaiGow allows players to place a side bet, Fortune PaiGow and Emperors Challenge are other variations of the game that you might find inside any casino.

The house rules:

You can play the cards as you like but the house has to maintain their standards. They have to play their hand the same way everytime. You can play a flush if you want but the house needs to play by its own set rules.


Excelling at PaiGow Poker needs expertise and a complete strategy. It would be unwise to go unprepared, regardless of the size or pressure of the game, with simple techniques you can master your ways of playing a good game. The various experienced players have their tactics to play the game but these ways don’t come on their own, it needs a good amount of time at playing and a deep concentration. In the game, the player has also an option of making a bonus bet, and if they hit a tremendous hand, they shall get a bonus (watch now) payout.


PaiGow Poker is an American version of PaiGow that’s played with dominoes in China. The game involves a 52 card deck, a Joker, dealer and a player. The objective is to beat the dealer’s hand. After placing your bet and receiving your seven cards, you have to arrange them in two hands, one of a two-card hand and another a five-card, but make sure that your five-card is higher than your 2 cards. Your cards should beat both hands of your dealer. If both of you have the equal hand, the dealer wins and if your only one hand is higher, it’s considered a draw. With a little strategy and concentration, pulling it off is no big deal. After all, all you need is to beat two hands.